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 Orcs & Goblins Vs Skaven - 3200pts

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PostSubject: Orcs & Goblins Vs Skaven - 3200pts   Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:33 am

Battle Scenerio: 1 Battleline

Starting pts: - Skaven = 3167pts - O'n'G = 3200pts

Campaign Characters:

* LORD DOUBLEONE (Warlord)= +1 Char. pt for Surviving Battle without losing a wound
+1 Char. pt for Killing Campaign Character in a Challenge
* XENOX (Warlock Engineer) = Dead via Doomdiver
Slain Char. Chart: Rolled 6 = Full Recovery
* PLAGUS THE SEQUEL (Plague Priest) = Dead via Doomdiver AGAIN!
Slain Char. Chart: Rolled 2 = Serious Injury (loses -1 W & T + Miss 2 games)
Healing Attempt: Rolled 3 = not healed

* GROM HEADBANGER (Warboss) = Dead via Doomwheel
Slain Char. Chart: Rolled 5 = Full Recovery
* REDEYE (Boss) = Dead via Challenge
Slain Char. Chart: Rolled 3 = Slow Recovery (Miss 1 game)
* WART FACE (Lvl 2 Shaman) = Dead via Irresistible Force
Slain Char. Chart: Rolled 5 = Full Recovery

Game: Very entertaining!

Turn 1: Wart Face blew himself up with magic! Doomdiver spears Warlock Engineer. Ouch!
Turn 2: 1 doomed Doomdiver, bye to Black Orcs, goodnight Night Goblin's. 1 suicidal Lightning Cannon & 2nd Doomdiver spears Plagus!
Turn 3: 3 Fantatics kill themselves, Clanrats 1 ate Lvl 1 Shaman, Doomwheel fried Grom Headbanger which made 1 Rock Lobber run away. Skaven Slaves fled. Cowards!
Turn 4: 2 more Fantatics commit suicide, Snotlings got runover by 2nd Doomwheel, Gutter Runners wiped out Bolt Thrower 1, Bolt Thrower 2 was shot by Jezzails, Savage Orcs were overrun by Stormvermin. Clanrats 2 were overrun by Goblins.
Turn 5: Doomwheel 2 went suicidal after getting rid of Chariots, Spider-Riders ate Rat Swarms (finally! Had been in close combat since Turn 2), Rat Ogres ripped the legs off the Giant Spider, Goblin Archers were slaughtered by Warlord and Stormvermin.
Turn 6: Warlord Challenges Boss resulting in 1 decapitated Boss, the Abomination became Bruce Lee with Fists of Fury (OUCH!) on Rock Lobber 2, Doomdiver 2 blew himself up!

Skaven scored 2960

Orcs scored 1373

A crushing victory to the SKAVENS Shocked

Joe gets 4 victory points
Paul gets 1 victory point

Excellent game! Very Happy

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Orcs & Goblins Vs Skaven - 3200pts
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