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 Tomb King vs Skaven 3k

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PostSubject: Tomb King vs Skaven 3k   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:25 am

Tomb King Victory!

Very bloody battle... highlights were Joe actually hit something with his war machines for 3 whole turns! Priscilla blowing herself up, almost killing both Generals and their units in the process!

Tomb Kings: 2242 (3pts for winning)
Skaven: 1345 (1pt for taking part)

Character Outcomes:

Tomb Kings:

Priscilla - Slaying a character. 1pt. Successfully cast a spell with irresistable force 1pt. Fell in battle, rolled a 6 - full recovery!
Prince Nasus - Won a challenge. 1pt.


Plagus - Successfully cast a spell with irresistable force 1pt. Died, rolled a 4 - full recovery.
Grobbery - Died, rolled a 1. And then another 1 to make sure... very much dead.
Xenox - Died, rolled a 5 (?) - full recovery.
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Tomb King vs Skaven 3k
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