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 OnG vs Empire

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PostSubject: OnG vs Empire   Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:02 am

Very interesting game, below are a few points i have taken on board for my next encounter with both armies.

1) Hellblasters hurt (especially against Chariots), do not stand in front of them.

2) Fanatics hurt just as much as point 1, they excel at destroying knights actually... every last one of them.

3) DoomDivers can missfire (Seriously, its not a Myth).

The OnG army caused some mayhem but suffered a lot of casualties in return. War machines missfired, Magic failed to cast, and bad dice were rolled throughout.

The Empire sallied forth at full speed, Knights under estimated the Night Goblins and were crushed on the charge by wrecking ball mad Fanatics, the Lvl4 Wizard blew up himself and almost everyone around him with Irresistible Force but aside from those catastrophic incidents the Greatsword Horde cleaned up the gobbos avenging the Knights, Hellblaster tore through the Orc Chariot on the wing and the Halberdiers dealt with the Spider riders but then fell in combat to an Orc onslaught.

Turn 6 resulted in an Empire Victory (Crushing!)

Empire Scored 2,321points. (4 Empire points earned)

OnG scored 724points. (1 Empire point earned)

Character Info to be added.

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OnG vs Empire
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