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 DE vs HE Battle Report

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PostSubject: DE vs HE Battle Report   Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:56 pm

2400 vs Dark Elves (Battle for the Pass)


Lvl2 Mage (Death)
2x 14 Xbows
20x Corsairs
15x Blackguard
15x Executioners
2x Hydra
2x Bolt Throwers
10x Scouts
7x Harpies


Lvl4 (Life)
Dragon Mage Lvl2
2x 11 Archers
30x Seaguard, Flame banner
20x Pheonix Guard, FC, BoS
21x WL, FC, Standard of Balance

Deployment from left to right:

DE: Xbow1, BT1, Harpies, Blackguard, Lvl2 Mage, Excutioners, CoB, Hydra1, Corsairs, Hydra2, Xbow2, BT2

HE: Archers1, Archers2 (Lvl4bunker), Dragon, PG+Noble, Spears, WL, GE

Might not be 100% accurate.

DE Turn 1: Scouts deploy behind my Archers and take 3wounds from Phoenix Guard in shooting phase, everything else marches. Bad magic phase. Bolt Thrower1 kills 3 archers from Archer1 unit, BoltThrower2 kills 2 White Lions.

HE Turn 1: Archer1 unit reforms to face scouts, Dragon Mage reforms on scouts, Seaguard move up infront of Hydra1, White Lions move up to Hydra2, Phoenix Guard+Noble move up ready to flank charge Hydra with Seaguard, L4 Mage moves out of Archer unit to cast spells. Eagle passes LD test and marches behind Dark Elf battle line ready to charge the lonely Lvl2 Mage. Lvl4 HE Mage casts Throne of Vines, then brings back 3 wounds on Phoenix Guard, fails to cast Dwellers on Executioners. Dragon breathe attack kills 3 Scouts, they fail panic and flee off the board, Archer2 unit take 3 wounds off the Blackguard, Seaguard take 3 wounds off Hydra2.

DE Turn 2: Corsairs charge Seaguard to the front, Seaguard stand and shoot takes 3 wounds off Corsairs. Hydra2 charges White Lions, who fail Terror test (just outside of BSB range) and flee for 11, Harpies charge HE Mage. Shooting, BoltThrower1 kills Eagle, BoltThrower2 takes kills 2 White Lions whilst they are fleeing. Lv2 DE Mage takes a wound off HE BSB. Close Combat, Seaguard score 9wounds on Corsairs, Corsairs score 7, Seaguard win combat and Corsairs stand. Harpies single out Lvl4 Mage and score 3wounds, 4+ WS fails, dead Mage. Archer2 unit stands, harpies reform to face Archer2. Archer1 passes panic test, Dragon mage fails panic test with re-roll for BSB, rolls 11 and flees off board. Phoenix Guard Stand.

HE Turn 2: Phoenix Guard fail a charge on Lvl2 DE Mage, White Lions fail to rally, flee again 1" from edge of board. No Magic. Shooting, Archer1 kills 4 Blackguard. Close Combat, Seaguard score another 7wounds and take 2 in return. Corsairs break and are run down, Seaguard overrun into Hydra1 passing Terror test.

DE Turn 3: Blackguard charge Archer1, seaguard stand and shoot and score 1 wound. Crossbows move up again, Executioners move up, Hydra2 moves up for rear flank on Phoenix Guard. Magic phase sees successful cast on Phoenix Guard reducing LD by 3. Shooting phase sees both Crossbow units take wounds from Phoenix Guard, 7 kills in total, Phoenix Guard fail panic test with re-rolls and flee. Seaguard take the Hydra1 to 1 wound and lose 11 in return from a nice Thunderstomp, they flee and are run down. Close Combat Archer1 scores 2 wounds on Blackguard and lose 5 in return, Archer1 flee and are run down.

HE Turn 3: Phoenix Guard Rally and reform to face Blackguard, White Lions Rally and reform to face Hydra2, Archer2 charges Lvl2 DE Mage who flees short and is run down, Archer2 stop 2" from Crossbow line. No Shooting, No Magic, No CC.

DE Turn 4: Both Hydras move towards White Lions, Blackguard march out of charge range from Phoenix Guard, Crossbow2 move into range of Phoenix Guard, Executioners move into charge range of Phoenix Guard. No Magic. BoltThrower2 kills 2 more White Lions, Crossbow1 wipe out Archer1, Crossbow2 score 6wounds on Phoenix Guard, who pass the panic test.

HE Turn 4: White Lions charge Hyrda2 and pass terror test. Phoenix Guard Rally and reform ready to charge Blackguard again. White Lions take Hydra2 to 1 wound, lose 6 in return, fail break test and flee, Hydra runs them down.

DE Turn 5: Hydra reforms to face Phoenix Guard. Crossbow2 score another 2 wounds on Phoenix Guard.

Submission. Dark Elf Win. A mixture of everything really. Bad deployment, awful dice rolls throughout the entire game and the fact i failed almost all LD tests throughout and to top it off after the tragedy on turn 2 i didnt really know what to do, the game was already over. Im completely stumped by it Lol.

Congratz to Dark Elves!

Dark Elves scored 1818pts

High Elves scored 623pts

Dark Elves claim a Crushing Victory! (4pts)

+1 Character Point to Dark Elf BSB for surviving without taking a Wound.

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PostSubject: Re: DE vs HE Battle Report   Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:23 pm

thank you, thank you. cheers

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DE vs HE Battle Report
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