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 Daemons of Chaos vs Brettonia 3k

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PostSubject: Daemons of Chaos vs Brettonia 3k   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:11 am

Brettonian Victory! (woot!) Also posting for Darren so its a little sparse! Good game though! No winners in the tower, so it ended up calculated on victory points.

Brets = 1392pts (3pts for winning)
Daemons = 850pts (1pt for taking part (sympathy point!))

Character Outcomes:


Fey Goddess - survived no wounds taken. 1pt.
Athena - survived no wounds taken. 1pt.


Hecate - died! Rolled a 3 - slow recovery. Character cannot take part in the next battle.
Baphomet - Survived no wounds taken. 1pt. Winning a challenge. 1pt.
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Daemons of Chaos vs Brettonia 3k
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